Working with one’s hands is a very rewarding experience. There’s nothing quite like envisioning something and then shaping it into existence.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro that would make Tim Taylor blush or just getting into your first projects, having the right tool is essential for your success.

There are so many brands out there and there’s so much info that getting a good overview can be daunting.

We know your plight, and that’s precisely why we’ve rounded up the best products covering a wide variety of your DIY needs and desires in a practical, no nonsense set of guides .

You’ll want to start off by actually having a place to store all of your new toys. A garage is usually the best place to start, and you can’t get very far with that unless you have a trusty garage door opener that will make sure you either have ample space or a warmer room to work in with the press of a button.

When it comes to drilling, a cordless drill might be everything you need since its light weight and the ever increasing battery life makes it both light and allows you to work all day without needing a refill.

Since there’s no need for a plug you can do the drilling anywhere.

If on the other hand you need the raw power to operate a jackhammer or just want to get a surface thoroughly cleaned using air, then you’ll want to check out the relevant section and chose an air compressor that is best suited for your needs.

Woodworking might be your thing as well, so getting yourself the right table saw is a great step in the right direction to accomplish any kind of woodworking task.

Whatever your DIY dream is, you’ll find the right tools to make it into a reality right here.