Portable air compressorAir compressors have become indispensable tools in every handyman’s arsenal when It comes to providing kinetic energy to tools, thoroughly cleaning something or simply inflating a tire.

Even though they basically work the same, smaller and more portable versions are gaining in popularity due to their strong selling points.

If you’re in doubt as to why you should choose a portable compressor over a standard one, read on and you’ll find out.

Getting around

The first and most obvious advantage to a portable compressor is its, well, portability.

No big surprises there. If you work at a job site that has many smaller projects located at different ends, or are a contractor that has to travel to many different jobs frequently, you’ll very much appreciate the fact that you can transport the compressor as far as you need to without much fuss.

Its range becomes even less limited if you choose one with a gas-powered engine, eliminating the need to rely on the availability of electricity.

The best part about this is that the fact these machines are portable doesn’t detract much from their usability when compared to stationary models.

Sure, they might have a somewhat lower CFM (cubic feet per minute) output, causing their motor to switch on more frequently if your tools demand a stronger air flow, but while the machine maintains its pressure there are no major differences in efficiency.

Furthermore, there’s an exceptionally wide variety of models and makes available.

They differ in size, output, psi and horsepower, so if you know exactly what you’ll be using it for, picking out just the right compressor will be easier for it.

Some of the most compact models don’t take up much more space than your standard-sized toolbox, so they can be easily stored in a basement, attic or garage, not to mention more easily transported to wherever they are needed.

More varied uses

Due to the fact that they are smaller, portable compressors are less noisy than their static counterparts.

Many of them don’t exceed the 80 decibel mark, which is tolerable even without safety precautions, if the motor activates only sporadically and not for long of course.

This also means that portable devices can be used indoors, which Is something you really wouldn’t want to try with a static one.

Since some models, like Bostitch’s BTFP02012, are so unobtrusive you can put them in the back of your pick up or the trunk of your car, portable compressors are a great tool to help with emergency tire repairs. It’ll have a deflated tire back up to working order in no time.

Cleaning various surfaces and objects is a big advantage as well. You can use the compressor’s blasting power to clean up surfaces you couldn’t otherwise reach.

Similarly, it can thoroughly clean objects that have hollow components or an assortment of nooks and crannies to deal with.

Compressed air is perfect for cleaning your gun barrel, or for blowing out dust that has been accumulating inside your PC case.

Just remember to adjust the pressure accordingly as to avoid damaging the internal workings or sensitive components.