Battery life of a cordless drillCordless drills are an absolute godsend for performing handy man jobs around the home or office.

The versatility they provide ensures that you can fix almost anything, regardless of where it is.

Cordless drills can convert to a screwdriver head, allowing for even more versatility in terms of function. Unfortunately, the battery pack of a cordless drill, despite providing the drill’s awesome convenience, is in fact its Achilles heel.

Eventually, the battery pack will reduce its ability to hold a charge, until it stops working altogether.

This article will provide several tips to help you get the most from the battery pack on your cordless drill.

Tip 1: Use often

Rechargeable batteries are a bit like muscles, the more you use them the better they perform.

Alternatively, just as muscles weaken when not used, rechargeable batteries will become less reliable when they are left to sit for excessively long periods of time.

If a power drill is left unused for a prolonged period, you will need to charge the battery for several hours before being able to use the drill for any significant project.

Tip 2: Always bring the battery to a full charge

Giving a battery a partial charge will significantly reduce the amount of work your cordless drill can produce.

Only when the battery is fully charged will your drill be able to provide the maximum amount of work, at the maximum possible power.

Additionally, when a rechargeable battery is only partially charged often enough, it begins to lose its ability to obtain and maintain a full charge. Therefore, always be sure to provide your battery with a full charge each and every time you use your cordless drill.

Tip 3: Store the battery properly

When your cordless drill is not being used, it is essential to store the battery pack in the appropriate environment.

Water and heat are natural enemies to a battery, causing the right conditions for corrosion and other potential damage.

Thus, when your cordless drill is not in use, be sure to store your battery pack in a dry, cool place. This will help ensure you get the longest possible life from your battery.

Tip 4: Don’t leave your battery on the charger

While leaving your rechargeable battery on the charger overnight before a project may sound like a good idea, it is in fact a really bad idea.

This will overcharge your battery, which will cause it to reduce its ability to obtain and maintain a full charge.

Additionally, leaving your battery pack on the charger for too long can cause the battery to overheat, potentially causing further damage.

Tip 5: Avoid draining the battery

Just as an overcharging your battery can be harmful, so too can overusing your battery.

When you drain your battery completely, it affects the battery’s ability to obtain and maintain a full charge. Always charge your battery when it starts to show signs of slowing down.

Tip 6: Read the manufacturer’s manual

Like with any electronic device, the best piece of advice is to read the manufacturer’s manual.

The information in the manual will be specific to your particular battery pack. It will tell you the proper length of time for charging, as well as any other tips on proper maintenance and use.

This is invaluable in maintaining your battery pack’s maximum life.


How long a cordless drill lasts is a relative question.

When it is used regularly, and the battery is properly maintained, then it can last many years. If allowed to sit unused, or if the battery is mistreated, then the lifespan can decrease dramatically.

Following the six steps in this article, however, will help ensure that you get the best out of your cordless drill.