Best garage door openersDoes your garage door take ages to open in the morning, waking up half the neighborhood up in the process?

We know your pain and have done our best to help you find the best garage door opener for your home, and your sanity.

It’s really annoying, isn’t it?

You just bought a beautiful and sturdy oak door that puts the finishing touches to your garage, but are stuck with a machine which is supposed to open it quickly and silently but takes ages to do its work and sounds like an outboard motor while doing it since you’ve had it for ages.

Encountering this once or twice is an annoyance one could gloss over, but if you are faced with this problem every day, and especially if your family members or neighbors have had just about enough, you know it’s time to finally do something about it.

We’re here to help!

Annoyance or not, we’re sure you don’t have the time to go over dozens of reviews and spec sheets and try to make heads or tails of what they actually mean for you and your garage.

This is why we’ve done the work and have come up with this guide after hours of meticulous study and elimination of products we think didn’t make the cut.

The guide has two main parts.

The first one features reviews of top quality products that will satisfy all of your garage opening needs and then some, as well as an overview of more affordable products that still do a good job.

After you’ve read through the facts, the second part of the guide will offer some additional factors you might want to think about before purchasing anything.

We hope that once you’ve completed the guide you’ll have all the info you need to make an informed and smart decision that will improve your garage and your quality of life.

NameType of DriveHorsepowerLightsWeight (lbs.)Warranty*Price
Chamberlain WD1000WFBelt1.25236.1Lifetime$$$
Chamberlain WD962KEVBelt0.75236.9Lifetime$$$
SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001Direct0.75240.1Lifetime$$$
SOMMER 1042V002Direct0.75242.6Lifetime$$$$
Chamberlain WD832KEVGBelt0.5236.8Lifetime$$$
Decko 24300Chain0.75233.1Lifetime$$$
Chamberlain PD612EVChain0.5236.810 Years$$
Genie 2042-TKC QuietLift 800Belt0.5239.210 Years$$
Genie 2022-TC ChainLift 800Chain0.524110 Years$$
Chamberlain PD220Chain0.51266 Years$$

*For Motor Only. May be Different for Parts and Accessories.

Premium Garage Door Opener Reviews

1. Chamberlain WD1000WF

4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Best garage door openerOne of our main gripes with various garage openers is that the noise they make while operating is often times loud and unpleasant.

One way to combat this is to get yourself a new device that is belt-driven, and if you’re looking for a premium product that isn’t only quiet but also comes with a slew of smart features, then Chamberlain’s WD1000WF is exactly what the doctor ordered.

The most noticeable feature is how quiet this model is.

As we’ve said, it is belt-driven, and if you’ve been using a chain-driven model for a while now you’ll certainly appreciate the noticeable difference.

Its 1-1/4 horsepower motor doesn’t necessarily mean it can handle doors that are much larger than your everyday residential variety, but the added horsepower you rarely see with the competition means that the door will be raised quicker and therefore more quietly.

The WD1000WF is also very safe and jam-packed with state of the art features.

For starters, you can easily hook it up to your home network since it has its own built-in gateway which you have to purchase separately for most other models.

You can also use your smartphone to act as a remote control and ensure that the door to your garage is closed regardless of where in the world you are!

You can even set various alerts to inform you of the door’s current state and change in state every time one occurs.

Other than your phone, you can access its features with the two provided multi-functional car remotes and a keyless entry pad.

To promote greater security the remote pass codes change every time the unit is used preventing potential burglars from memorizing your last code and gaining entrance.

Additional features include a set of batteries that will last for 20 cycles or up until 24 hours in case of a power outage, compatibility with HomeLink and an array of safety sensors that will automatically stop the door to your garage from closing and reverse it if they sense a person or a car has crossed an invisible beam.

One of the WD1000WF’s minor drawbacks is its potentially complex installation.

If you aren’t the DIY sort of guy, hooking this unit up and making it work properly might give you some trouble.

Minor annoyances like that aside though, this is definitely the best garage door opener we’ve encountered.

The technical enthusiasts among you will surely be pleased with its customization options and compatibility with other smart systems, while every customer will appreciate its quick and quiet operation.

Purchase the WD1000WF for more peace of mind and a better overall home security experience.

2. Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive

4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Garage door opener reviewsAnother, slightly less expensive model by Chamberlain, the WD962KEV Whisper Drive is similar in its overall concept and the abundance of features to the other model we’ve reviewed, but at the same time it has a few of its own unique features that make it worth your while.

Let’s get the similarities out of the way first – as its name suggests this opener prides itself in the quiet manner in which it operates the door of your garage.

It also has a backup battery, an app which you can use to control its settings and alerts, a battery pack to keep it operational in case of outages and a host of sensors.

These are where things get interesting.

First of all, you can use them to control both the inner and outer lights of your garage via motion sensing, so you won’t have to sift through our car in search of the remote in complete darkness or stub your toe on a misplaced wrench once you et out of your car.

Then there’s the ability to set a timer.

Depending on the preset you choose, he doors will be closed after 5, 10 or 15 minutes, which is perfect if you keep forgetting to close them manually.

There’s no need to fear that they’ll close on your car or lazy dog though since another set of sensors makes sure there’s nothing there first.

Finally, the WD962KEV Whisper Drive is also equipped with the Auto force-sensing technology, which calculates how much force is currently needed to open the door in response to temperature fluctuations.

Speaking of which, this model is resistant to extreme weather conditions and can withstand cold weather without the need for manual integration.

As with the other model, installation can be a chore if you haven’t dealt with this kind of product before.

All in all, the WD962KEV Whisper Drive is a sound opener rich in features and quiet in performance.

If you have multiple cars and generally an active household that is always buzzing with activity and people are constantly coming and going its integrated sensors will let you spend less time on annoying logistics and will let you concentrate more on leisure or work.

3. SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001

4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Direct drive garage door openerIn the battle to determine the most quiet door opener, the belt-powered kind isn’t the only kid on the block. Sommer’s Direct Drive 1042V001 shows that even a chain-powered model can have what it takes to lift those doors up effortlessly while being as silent as possible about it.

The secret lies in its direct drive.

It is basically a chain-powered drive, but the special thing about it is it only has one moving part which makes for much more quiet operation.

The ¾ hp motor makes sure that even the widest and thickest hardwood residential garage doors can be opened and closed in no time.

Often the only sound you’ll hear while it’s working is the noise the actual door makes while being opened.

It can lift doors ass heavy as 550 pounds and the included rail can lift doors that are either 7 or 8 feet high.

If that’s not big enough for you, an optional extension is also available that allows for 10 foot doors to be handled as well.

On the technical side, it comes with 2 remotes which you can use to operate the device from a distance, as well as a keypad with three buttons that allow you to turn the lights on and off and manually operate the garage door.

It is a bit lacking in sensors when compared with similarly priced models by Chamberlain, but the essential security sensors that prevent it for closing on objects and living beings is present and accounted for.

There’s also another sensor you can install inside the garage that opens the door of your garage automatically once it is crossed.

Sadly, there are no sensors that turn the lights on or off, so you might end up having to fumble for the lights with once you get home after sunset.

A great feature that makes this model stand out however is Sommer’s lifetime warranty on the whole shebang.

Railing, motor, parts – you name it, they’ve put a lifetime warranty on it. This is a very nice gesture and quite reassuring

All things considered, the Direct Drive 1042V001 is a solid opener that offers superior quality, strength and silent operation for a reasonable price.

Don’t pass this product up if you want an opener you can depend on to both do its job and to always remain in perfect working condition.

4. SOMMER 1042V002

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Sommer garage door openerThe last model we discussed from Sommer had most of what you could ask for from a sturdy and quiet opener, but lacked some of the smart features we’ve seen from Chamberlain.

Have no fear Sommer fans, because the 1042V002 has a wide assortment of settings to play with that we’re sure will satisfy your inner geek completely.

Its physical characteristics are similar to the 1042V001 – it has a silent direct drive with only one moving part which is powered by a ¾ hp motor that delivers, silent, quick lifting of garage doors at the push of a button or swipe of a finger.

Even if you don’t have a heavy-duty door, you can still benefit from this machine since there is less loss of power given that the motor is always at a fixed distance from the door of your garage.

In your package you’ll find the opener itself, 2 remotes, infrared safety sensors and a standard wall control button.

You don’t get a keyless entry pad though.

What you do get however is the great smartphone connection kit which lets you hook up this as well as older models to your smartphone and start taking advantage of that in no time.

Most of the features you get as well as the apps themselves are free. You can use them to monitor your door from anywhere, get push notifications or emails once the door’s status has been changed, and you can even assign temporary privileges to guests.

Best of all, if your internet goes out for some reason, the unit also doubles as a WI-fi hotspot, meaning that you can access it and get into your garage at any time, provided you have an authorized phone.

As far as integration with modern technological standards goes, the 1042V002 is definitely the best garage door opener in our guide.

If you’re into that sort of thing and don’t mind the added cost, then buying this unit is a no-brainer.

5. Chamberlain WD832KEVG

4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

Chamberlain whisper driveIt looks like Chamberlain have taken it upon themselves to eradicate the noise from all of their garage openers, and the WD832KEVG is no exception.

After all, who would want to hear that pesky motor whirring all the time, especially if you have bedrooms over your garage and at least another family member that goes to work before you do?

To put a stop to this, the WD832KEVG features a proprietary Motor Vibration Isolation System or MVIS for short which ensures that the already silent belt-driven motor doesn’t make a ruckus.

The manufacturer also claims that this model is easy to set up and can be operational in a minute.

This might be due to the lack of some of the aforementioned smart features.

Still, you can integrate it into your HomeLink system for added security.

Speaking of which the WD832KEVG comes with the standard set of safety and light sensors, allowing for safe use by automatically turning on the lights and not closing when something is in the way.

If you’re not too bothered about not being able to lock your door with your phone in the next city over, this model has got you covered in every other aspect, so why not take advantage of the smaller price without the loss of quality for features you do care about?

6. Decko 24300

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

What is the best garage door opener?Decko might not be as well known as some other brands featured in our garage door opener reviews, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make good quality products.

In fact, the 24300 is a textbook example of how to keep your product reasonably priced while not giving an inch of ground when the integrity of the features that truly matter is concerned.

You can use this unit with doors weighing up to 500 pounds and that are 7 feet high and up to 18 feet wide.

If your garage doors are 8 feet high however, you’ll need an extension which you can buy from the manufacturer.

The 24300 comes with 2 three-button remotes, a wireless, keyless entry pad and a host of safety sensors.

Unlike Chamberlain’s models, it doesn’t offer integrated smartphone support which means you’ll be missing out on the features we discussed above.

On the other hand this makes the unit really easy to install as you only need to set it up and attach it to your door for it to work properly.

Users have reported that it does respond to the HomeLink system in their cars, but since the feature isn’t officially supported take that with a grain of salt.

All things considered, the 24300 is a solid, no nonsense machine ranking among top rated garage door openers that will keep your garage operational and safe.

Add to that the lifetime warranty Deco is springing for on its motor, and you have a reliable product you’ll love using for years to come.

Top Rated Affordable Garage Door Openers

1. Chamberlain PD612EV

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Top rated garage door openersMaybe you don’t want to spend all that money on something like a garage opener, but you still want to be sure that you’re buying from a brand you can trust to deliver products that maintain the quality of their most important features even when other ones need to be reduced, which is understandable given the lower price.

The PD612EV is just such a model.

Unlike Chamberlain’s pricier models, this one doesn’t feature backup batteries or motion sensors.

They’ve even come to a compromise on the amount of noise it produces, making the PD612EV not as quiet, but certainly less noisy than comparably priced models from other manufacturers.

It has a ½ hp motor which might not be enough for a large and massive wooden garage door, but if you have a smaller door or if it is made of fiberglass or vinyl it will perform just fine.

Automatic force setting is present in this model as well, meaning that it will calculate the adequate force needed to lift the garage door without using much power.

This can also detect obstructions in the door’s path and reverse its movement to prevent accidents.

MyQ integration is also supported, meaning that you can use this opener with your smartphone.

You’ll need a MyQ gateway for app control however, and these can be a hassle to install if you don’t know what you’re doing. It is also accessible from within your vehicle via HomeLink.

When it comes to cheap garage door openers, you can’t go wrong with the PD612EV.

It does what you’d expect from it flawlessly and reliably every time. You might not be paying for the bells and whistles, but you’re certainly not skimping on your piece of mind.

2. Genie 2042-TKC QuietLift 800

4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

Quietest garage door openerWho would have thought that a belt-driven garage opener would be included on the affordable list?

Not only does the 2042-TKC QuietLift 800 make the cut, but it manages to impress with the amount of features Genie managed to cram in there at the price.

It has a ½ hp motor which although small can lift weights up to 350 pounds, making it great in terms of power to performance ratio.

It comes with two 3 button remotes as well as a 3 button panel.

Using the panel, you can open the garage door (obviously), control the lights and also lock the remotes out from using the door opener, which is particularly useful if you lose one of them, or are gone on vacation and someone manages to get a hold of the remote.

The three buttons are a bit on the slim side, which can be annoying if you are in a hurry or are carrying groceries.

Other than that, the 2042-TKC QuietLift 800 features safety laser beams that cause the door to be opened every time they are crossed, as well as a 10-year warranty on the motor.

In the end, this is a great door opener for people on a budget.

Making sure your home is protected is a top priority for Genie, and their products certainly reflect that.

3. Genie 2022-TC ChainLift 800

3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)

Cheap garage door openersThe 2nd entry in our guide by Genie, the 2042’s younger brother has many of the features we’ve encountered in the aforementioned model, plus a trick or two up its own sleeve.

Standard features include the Safe-T-beam feature, which is a fancy name for the safety sensors present in every other model as well as a ½ horsepower motor the manufacturer claims can lift doors up to 500 pounds.

Since more powerful motors can accomplish about the same, we’re not so sure about this statement’s accuracy.

What sets this model apart is its Intellicode rolling code technology.

Basically this is an added security measure which changes the pass codes every time they are used, a feature we’d come to expect from a much more expensive model like Chamberlain’s WD1000WF.

It is nice to know that even more affordable openers praise your security this much.

Finally, the 2022-TC ChainLift 800 has most of the features similarly priced products have, plus added security in form of the Intellicode technology.

If you want maximum safety at low cost, this might just be the best garage door opener for you.

4. Chamberlain PD220

3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)

Garage door opener ratingsNot wanting to leave anything open to chance, Chamberlain have also thought about the pragmatic buyer who just wants a door opener that works and doesn’t like to deal with all kinds of features he won’t be using anyway.

If you fall in that category look no further than the last model in our guide, the PD220.

Being last in this case isn’t something to be ashamed about, it simply means that this model is good enough that we can recommend it without batting an eye, but that it also lacks most of the features we’ve seen throughout the guide.

The package is nothing to write home about – you’ll get the chain-driven main unit, a single tri-frequency remote control, an infrared safety sensor and the assorted bits and screws you need to set everything up.

Since there are no major installation requirements or network connection aspects to the installation, it will take you far less time and hassle to set it all up.

Some wood or other external parts might be needed for the installation, so make sure that you carefully read through the manual

This door opener sports a ½ horsepower motor that is comparable to Genie”s, and users claim that its operation is surprisingly quiet given the price Consumers even claim it pulls the door up faster than Genie’s model.

If they had to cut corners, Chamberlain certainly didn’t do it on this vital part.

In compliance with today’s standards, it has safety sensors which activate once their beam is crossed and stop the door from moving.

If that fails, there’s always the force sensor that halts the door’s movement whenever it senses too much pressure too early in its descent.

When all is said and done, you get what you pay for, which in the case of the PD220 means spending your money wisely on essential features done right.

No bells and whistles means no unneeded costs, and this door opener exemplifies that perfectly.

Things to Take Into Account Before Purchasing

Garage door opener reviewSo, what is the best garage door opener then?

As you can see from our reviews, many of the models are great at some or all of the aspects you’d want covered in a good garage door Before you take the plunge however, take a look at what else to keep in mind.

Size matters! – even though most residential garage doors are similar in height and all the products in the guide at least support doors which are 7 feet high, you might want to make sure that both of your door’s dimensions line up with the chosen model’s specifications.

Most can accommodate 8-foot doors with the purchase of an extension, and even 10-foot doors are supported.

Keep the default compatibility in mind unless you’re willing to spend additional money on an extension.

So does horsepower – As we’ve seen, the range of horsepower the units in the guide come with is quite large.

Basically the more horsepower a motor has, the more weight it can handle, and if given less weight than the maximum it can handle that more effectively.

If you have massive wooden doors or your door is very big, you’ll need a stronger door opener regardless of its other features. Conversely, if you don’t need all that strength, there’s no need to overspend.

Fancy features vs. the fundamentals – We’re living in an exciting age where many things can be done through our phones.

Why not operate your door in the same way then?

Some door openers come with a host of smart options that integrate them into your home system and allow for precise control via phone. They also provide an added layer of security by alerting you of potentially unwanted door operation as well as allowing you to specify exactly who has access to them.

This is all fine and dandy if you want to invest in such features, but the most important thing is to make sure you are getting hardware that does an excellent job in protecting your home, and you can get that at a somewhat lower price.

Ease of installation – Sure, you only have to install the door opener once, but that one time can end up being so frustrating that you’ll wish you hadn’t bought it in the first place and contemplate tossing the whole thing out the window before everything is done.

Setting everything up can be a daunting task, especially if there are potentially technically more complicated steps you need to take, like setting up the gateway.

To make matters worse, many manufacturers opt not to include any kind of physical manual nowadays, meaning that you’ll either have to print one out yourself or have to keep glancing at your smartphone / tablet every few minutes.

If you aren’t into handywork and want as simple an installation as possible, you might want to consider that before you end up ruining a weekend over such a triviality.


That was certainly a lot of info to take in.

Reading over our garage door opener reviews might have lead you to the conclusion that the various models out there have similar features and capabilities.

You’re not far away from the truth – every door opener in the guide is designed with a singular purpose in mind, and depending on your needs that might be the only thing you are interested in.

Still, special features such as an increased array of different sensors and smart integration with other household security gadgets as well as your phone make for tempting improvements worthy of the few extra dollars.

Whichever door opener you end up buying though, we’re sure that your door will open more quickly and with less noise than it did before.

Say goodbye to the ruckus and complaints and hello to a safer, better equipped home.