How to maintain your garage door openerElectric garage door openers are called on to perform their task as many as one thousand times a year.

With such high demand, the parts and components of the door opener will experience a great deal of wear and tear.

It is critical, therefore, to take the time and effort to examine your garage door opener on a regular basis, looking for any minor issues that need to be addressed in order to prevent them from becoming major ones.

This article will present six easy tips on how to maintain your electric garage door opener.

Tip 1: Be observant

Whilst it isn’t necessary to stare at your garage door every time it opens and closes, it is a good idea to watch the process at least once a week.

Taking the time to watch and listen to your door open and close will help you detect any anomalies as they form, thus enabling you to address any problems before they become serious and costly.

Tip 2: Inspect hardware

As with any mechanical device, the constant use of your electric garage door opener can cause things to loosen up over time.

Taking time to inspect and tighten such things as nuts, bolts, wheels and rollers will help you to keep your garage door opener in good working order.

Tip 3: Keep well lubricated

Just as keeping the hardware tightened will help extend the life of your electric garage door opener, so too will keeping all necessary parts well lubricated.

If wheels or rollers are allowed to dry out, then the garage door will become harder to move, causing more wear on your garage door opener.

By keeping all parts well oiled, your garage door opener will be able to perform its function with relative ease.

Tip 4: Replace items that wear out

Certain parts of an electric garage door opener will need replacing within the lifespan of the unit itself.

The rollers, for example, are supposed to be replaced once every seven years.

Worn or damaged rollers will add strain to the door opener, potentially shortening its lifespan.

Tip 5: Perform regular tests

Many electric garage door openers come with a variety of safety features that can save a life.

However, we tend to take it for granted that these features are ready, willing and able to do their job at any time.

Performing regular tests on these features, perhaps once a week, will ensure that they are functioning properly, and thus, guarantee the safety of everyone using your garage door opener.

Tip 6: Maintain the door itself

No matter how well made your electric garage door opener is, if your door is falling apart then there will be problems.

Make sure to perform any necessary repairs on your garage door, ensuring that it is solid, stable and properly balanced.

Additionally, replace such things as weather stripping that will wear out over time.

Clean, well maintained garage doors are easier on your door opening system, thus they will help extend the life and performance of your system.


The six steps in this article will help you to perform the basic maintenance to your electric garage door opener necessary for optimum performance and a long life.

The most important thing is to address any issue as quickly as possible, thus preventing small issues from becoming large, expensive ones.