Programming a garage door openerGarage door openers add an element of both convenience and safety to any home. Not only do they enable you to enter your home without having to leave your vehicle, but they also keep your garage protected with codes that only you and your family possess.

Sometimes, however, these codes need to be changed.

This article will walk you through the process of how to program a garage door opener, thus making the process quick and simple.

Programming the garage door remote

Remote controls are often lost or damaged, resulting in them needing to be replaced.

Unfortunately, replacing a remote means you have to program it. The simple steps for performing this process are as follows:

  • Select the replacement remote. Garage door remotes are not always guaranteed to be universally compatible. That said, it is always recommended that you purchase a remote from the same company that manufactured your garage door opener. Following this tip will not only ensure that your remote is compatible, but it will likely make programming simpler as the directions will be relevant to the model of garage door opener that you own.
  • Find the learn button. The learn button is a button that programs the remote frequency into your garage door opener. Different models will have these buttons in different places, but they should always be near the light. It may be necessary to remove the light cover, as the learn button is generally concealed for safety and security reasons.
  • Program the code. Once you have located the learn button, depress the button until the indicator light begins to blink. A blinking indicator light means that the system is ready to be programmed. Press the button on your remote while this light is blinking. This will sync your remote to your garage door opener.
  • Erasing old remotes. In the case that you have multiple remotes you may have to erase the system to make room for the new remote. This is due to the fact that most garage door openers have only enough memory for up to five remotes or codes. This is done by depressing the learn button to make the light blink, and holding it until the light stops blinking. All old remotes will have to be re synced with the unit.

Programming keypads

Sometimes security codes are forgotten or need to be changed for security reasons. This process is virtually identical to that of programming a remote.

In this case, however, it is the keypad that is programmed. The simple steps for performing this process are as follows:

  • Find the learn button. The same learn button used for programming remotes is used for programming keypad codes. Again, this button should be located on the main unit, probably under the light cover.
  • Erase the old codes. The first thing you need to do when reprogramming a keypad is to erase the old codes. This can be especially important if you have bought a house with an existing garage door opener. Simply depress the learn button and hold until the blinking indicator light goes out.
  • Enter new codes. After the old codes are erased, depress the learn button again until the indicator light begins to blink. While the light is blinking, enter your new code into the keypad. The indicator light will blink differently to show that the new code has been accepted.
  • Program remote to new code. When the new code is programmed, depress the learn button again until the light begins to blink. Press the remote button to successfully sync the remote to the garage door opener. Repeat for each remote.


Whether you are programming a new remote or a new unit, hopefully this article will help to make the seemingly complicated task quick and easy.

In the case of old units, remember that it is never safe to use preexisting codes as this will enable other people access to your home.