Garage ShelvesStorage is not easy to come by these days especially if you are living in a crowded city. If you are located in these types of areas, it makes sense to put a decent amount of time into planning where you can store things that you no longer use. Obviously, you wouldn’t want guests to see all this junk inside your home. This is where your garage comes in. For a lot of people, this massive area typically does nothing more than park a car overnight. There are plenty of garage shelving ideas in addition to the standard boxes that you could place in this expansive room. The following article should help you to better identify how to use this extra space to your advantage.

Building Your Garage Shelves

There are many advantages for you to build your own shelves, including the fact that it will be a lot cheaper than purchasing them. The great thing is that building your own shelves is not that difficult of a task. First, you might want to consider building a bookcase type of structure, which is basically a shelf. Much like a bookcase, it will have horizontal wooden planks where you can put whatever storage items you will need.

The garage storage shelves are typically used for smaller things rather than large items that are heavy. If you use a stronger type of wood, there is a good chance you will be able to still have items of medium weight as well. To construct these shelves, visit a home improvement store and buy some lumber that will allow you to construct using a cheaper material. Find something that is weather resistant as many garages can get very cold or humid depending on the climate. If you want them to remain strong for many years, choosing the right wood is of paramount importance.

After you have chosen the wood, you can come home and start to piece everything together. It will only require a frame of four pieces of wood with the top and bottom the same size and the vertical pieces the same as well. Measure them well so that you do not have shelves that lean or tilt in one direction. Afterwards, you can start to install the horizontal shelves that should be placed at similar intervals.

The process of building in this manner is simple and cost effective for people on a budget. However, spending a little extra money to get ready-made, but uninstalled garage shelves might be a good idea as well. If you’re not good with construction, or generally don’t have the time to deal with these things, you might be better off following this route.

Are There Any Labor Costs?

Many people do not want to get professionals to do this work because of the high cost involved in hiring manual labor. The good thing about garage shelves is you could actually by ready-made ones in stores. Some providers sell the structural pieces so only home assembly is required. These shelves are already made to fit perfectly in order to store things or decorate depending on how you would like.

The only issue is whether or not you will be able to install it, but most people seem to have an easy time when they follow the instruction manual included. Make sure that you utilize all of the tools that are available to you when trying to install these so you get them up properly without falling.

How Important is The Design?

Very few people other than the ones living there actually step into the garage of a home. Friends and family being entertained at a home rarely get to enter, but sometimes it is nice to have a well-designed room no matter where it is. One of the methods you can use to spruce up the look is by incorporating ornaments and other seasonal items that are in your home. You can also paint your garage in a way that it goes well with the rest of your home.

The decoration does not need to take long and often it does not require much to convert a standard garage into a great looking room rather than just a place for storage.